Hotel Operations Conference

Exploring the value in hotel operations
23 May 2018, The Montcalm London,
Marble Arch
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For people involved in: Hotel development, investment, HR, technology, utility management, law, distribution & technology, guest loyalty and franchising....  

Exploring the investment value in hotel operations

The rise and rise of third-party managers indicates how investors in the hotel industry are beginning to demand clarity in the black box labelled “operations”. Previous approaches of putting the management of hotels into the same category as the brand offering are no longer being accepted. A clearer definition of the value created in running hotels is needed. This is not an event focused on how to be a better sous chef or what is the best way to clean a room: rather this event explores how value is created by managing chefs and housekeepers more effectively. It highlights how focused management across all aspects of the hotel business will deliver the best results and hones in on just what that management looks like. It maybe that the best approach is to have an integrated brand and management company. Or perhaps separating out the disciplines is the best way forward. Both approaches can create superior value: the key is determining how and what works best where. The Hotel Operations Conference is designed to help provide answers to these questions.

HOC 2018 topics

  • What brand values bring
  • The human element – the importance of the quality hire
  • Chasing great reviews – does the money follow?
  • The opco-propco relationship
  • Case studies looking at successful delivery in people management, F&B returns, non-room return and more
  • Non-room success – from F&B to reinventing the concierge
  • Capping costs
  • There’s an app for that – disruptors driving value
  • Security – hacking, data protection and GDPR

Target audience

Hotel brand companies, hotel operating companies and hotel owners will all be a focus of debate. Senior executives at the CEO, COO and CFO level are expected to attend along with specialists in development, operations, sales, human resources and CSR.

The Key Trends & Issues in Hotel Operations

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